Julia Triptych

I have been looking at the triptych as an art form. Usually these are works of art, normally painting or carved, comprising of three panels that are hinged together so that they can be closed or opened to view. Typically the centre piece is large than the two wings. Popular as alter pieces in the European Middle Ages but have earlier origins.

The form also sees echoes in stained glass design in churches and cathedrals but I have yet to see it used as a photographic form. Here I have printed three images of the same model to form a single montage. I’ve entitled it as ‘Three Angels Triptych (2005)’.

Three Angels Triptych (2005)
Three Angels Triptych (2005)



This print is available to purchase from the Bedtime Collection. This image is reproduced as an Extra Large Print at 75cm x 50cm and is printed on High-Gloss Photo Paper. All prices include P&P £180.00.  If you buy one of these 50 Limited Edition prints this results in a charitable gift to the British Heart Foundation and the Stroke Association of £45 each.



One thought on “Julia Triptych

  1. Oh my God! What a beautiful image!! She looks somehow plane and yet stunningly pretty at the same time. I really like the way you have dovetailed the 3 images into one shape. What a great image. Wish I could afford it!


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