Bolton Bound

Headed north again to photograph a young girl I photographed nearly a year ago. This time to a hotel near Bolton. She had organised a young friend, also interested in modelling, to join us and so I had two beautiful young women to work with, one who was very familiar with me and I with her, and one complete novice. It did create a really very supportive environment for the less experience of the two and we managed to create some beautiful images. My brief was essentially to work towards a fashion Z-card type approach and I found myself focusing very much on portraits, although as always portraits with the body attached!. Most interesting was the reaction of the younger less experienced model. She seemed more inclined to ‘pose’. It took a while to have her follow my cues and to see the difference in her posture and facial expression. Using the natural light from the skylight and some of the artificial lighting in a very ‘interior-designed’ bedroom has made for some really interesting warm images.

Collage of images of the two girls
Two Models in Bolton

A long way to go to do a shoot for me and rewarding one nonetheless.


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