Curves and Candlenight

I have not done any photography since I arrived in New Zealand but I decided to do something about that this week.

I had the chance to photograph a stunning young woman called Rosie Chin. Long black hair and incredibly muscular, a former national cycling champion, and a charming person to boot. We had met to discuss what we planned to get out of the session and decided to work with candlelight despite all the technical difficulties that raises. So after a series of fairly standard portraits to get used to each other we proceeded to experiment with candlelight. We’d agreed to wrap her in silk in order not have her fully exposed and we both felt this actually enhanced the erotic nature of the images. The images are of various quality, despite using a tripod, as there is some shake. However there are one or two images which are incredibly beautiful. Now I have to choose which one is going into the bedtime collection.

Curves and Candlenight
Curves and Candlenight

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