Monstrous beauty?

Last week I organised a shoot with a local girl  Erin. She has already taken some early steps into promotional modelling and has done some glamorous style shoots elsewhere. So knowing she was already very comfortable I decided that I would take a leap and dedicate a session to working towards a particular image I had in mind. It is not my style to focus on a single image preferring to share the ‘art direction’ of a session with the model so s/he feels they have some semblance of control.

So I was already out of my comfort zone.

There are some advantages to not working in your home! In this case I took the opportunity of being in dugs here in Palmerston North which I moved out from two days later. So I wasn’t too concerned about the amount of mass that I might make. In practice the mess came mostly from some of the dripping latex paint and my attempts to clean it up! The process of making this image was a saga! I had bought some special latex body paint which when dry create a latex layer on the skin and still had this huge piece of rubber I had used as a backing for images before. So the session consisted mostly of preparation and a very short period, relatively, to take images. I painted Erin from neck to toe in a layer of red latex and then with black to create the illusion (hoped-for) of a second almost alien skin. This is where you dream of having assistants and make-up artists to work with you.

It was a strange preparation for the images but then having her roll around with oil and water did create an amazing effect. I’m working on a favourite and will share that shortly.

Shoots from the session preparation
Monstrous Beauty

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