Rivers Unite and Divided (1996)

Here is a selection of images perhaps somewhat out of character for me. I am clearly more comfortable photographing people, one to one in a creative collaboration. that is what I enjoy most. But, there are times and places where I find myself drawn to photograph other ‘people’. People I don’t know and who are strangers. On this occasion I went to Paris with see a friend and felt part of her life and at the same time I felt a very far away. I realised as I was walking around that March 2006 that people could be divided and united at the same time. I started to look for theme in the scenes around me.The River Seine was very high and the two girls sitting with their feet up made me smile. Likewise the generational divide was interesting in the two couples sitting on opposite side of the river, so much affection in the older couple on the far bank and more reserved on the near bank. I’m particularly fond of the image of the person standing alone on the rooftop, with the straight lines of the building compromised by the branches of the trees.


A version of one of these images is included in the ‘Talking  Together’ series of greetings cards available in the Gifts Collection, raising money for the British Heart Foundation and the Stroke Association.


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