American in Exeter (1992)

There is undoubtedly a story behind these images but I confess I have forgotten it. If I ever knew it. I remember this girl was an American student at Exeter University probably 1992, possibly a year earlier or a year later. I remember her as quiet, poetic, thoughtful but with an acidic humour, that dry wit that American confuses the rest of the world with. I don’t remember her name and I didn’t write it down on the negative sleeves. I will have known it once and that is lost along with the story. I remember that there was conversation about being topless. She had beautiful breasts, gorgeous hair and a smile that betrayed that dry wit. Noblesse Oblige that I don’t share the topless images but they were clearly portraits above all else. We went up to the all-weather hockey pitch on campus to have a uniform background and used the diffused sunlight of the sun. A simple setting. Beautiful portraits.



2 thoughts on “American in Exeter (1992)

  1. I hope she doesn’t mind you publishing these ‘old’ images! We do strange things when we are students but not sure we want to be remind of them 20 years later!


    1. Thanks for the comment Bob. I certainly hope she doesn’t object and hope she actually loves seeing them again and will get in touch. But seriously I did select the images that did not show nudity precisely because I didn’t ever reach even a verbal understanding that the images might be seen. It was pre-Web effectively!


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