It is a pleasure to share my photographic work with you. I hope you like it. In fact I hope you like it enough to buy some of it to grace your walls. Regardless your comments are welcome. Please share images and galleries that you like, feel free to ‘rip off’ individual images and add them to Pinterest, send to friends on Facebook or attach them to emails. If possible, please say where they come from, just mention ‘vuephoto.net’.

At the risk of sounding pretentious I would describe myself as an ‘artist with a camera’ rather than a ‘photographer’ as I certainly lack the interest or inclination to document the technique I apply to an image. No ISO or F-stop references will be found anywhere! I am concerned with light, framing an image and beautiful people.

I currently live in Abingdon, near Oxford. But my Tūrangawaewae is Wellington, New Zealand. Born 1966 and married to a woman who is far more cultured than me.

Contact: simon@vuephoto.net
Follow Simon Atkinson’s board Vuephoto on Pinterest.


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