Something about Simon…



Thank you.

Sincere thanks to all the models who I have worked with. All have worked for the experience and unlimited prints or CD/DVDs. I have always prided myself in giving models copies of absolutely everything shoot on the day (or within days), in its raw version. They have all been fascinating and enjoyable people to work with.

Thank you to the galleries, Exeter Queen’s Building, OU Milton Keynes, St. Mary’s Oxford and others, where I have been lucky enough to  display work in the past.

Finally a big thank you to the private collectors who have commissioned work and those individuals who have bought work from this website.

I am delighted to be able to donate the profits made from selling any of my work from this website. I will only retain sufficient to cover the costs of printing and postage and will donate the lion’s share equally between the British Heart Foundation and the Stroke Association. This means your purchase results in:
Smaller Print = £2.50 each charity
Medium Print = £6 each charity
Large Print = £8 each charity
Extra Large Print = £11 each charity


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